Let users engage your content
on the real world,
Exactly where you put it.

Enviewzrevolutionary Geospatial Augmented Reality platform overlays your 2D and 3D objects onto the real world, with pixel accuracy, making your experience come to life.

How does our AR tech enable engaging experiences?

It’s based on the real world.
Outdoor, no special markers, just the view

Pinpoint accuracy – because a few pixels off means an entirely different place

It’s as mobile as you are. Explore the view from every direction, on the move

It’s a pure software solution, with your existing phone, tablet or smart glasses

Success Story: 3D Content

A scientifically accurate reconstruction of an ancient house onto an archaeological site, accurately positioning it onto existing rubble.
(actual screenshot)

Success Story: Pinpoint accuracy

In this application Enviewz tech allowed to distinguish extremely close buildings. A few pixels is all that matters when your view is dense and magnificent.
(actual screenshot)

Success Story: Smart Glasses

Enviewz tech is totally platform agnostic. Aside from complete Android and iOS support, we come completely AR – Glass ready. This example includes accurate positioning onto Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses.
(actual screenshot)

How do we do it? Enviewz’s patented Connected Viewz Technology

Tourism Exprience

City Walk Exprience

Step 1: Measure

Enviewz’s experts visit and measure the physical site, usually in a matter of hours. We choose the best tools for the site, be it on foot or collection vehicle.

Step 2: Process

The gathered data and your overlayed model is fused in our patented photogrammetry and image processing engine. Everything is packed and served on the cloud.

Step 3: Augment as a Service

Each time a user points their device, the cloud service automatically determines their location, renders and positions the overlayed data in single-pixel accuracy.

ag Augmentiguide Tourism Solutions

Augmentiguide is Enviewz’s ready-to-implement platform for tourism, easily integrable with your site and content.
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Relive history. Place 3D historical content in situ. Engage your crowd. Relive our heritage.


Discover your city, breathe life into your city tour. By bus, by boat, by foot. Engage young audiences.


Add a whole level of depth to your breathtaking panorama. Increase user engagement.

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Enviewz constitutes the digital tourism solutions segment of LMY R&D, a Photogrammetry and Image Processing powerhouse. LMY R&D provides a state-of-the-art expertise in accurate modeling and positioning from satellite and aerial photographs. Since its foundation in 2010 LMY R&D has developed sophisticated image processing & precise location systems, mainly for the homeland security sector.

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